We've converted the complexity of CRM into a to-do list

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OnePageCRM is like crossing a GTD book with Twitter and getting the most powerful aspect in modern-day sales, the "Action Stream"... 140 characters of the Next Action for each prospect! #focus #procrastinationkiller #gtd
I love the idea of foregoing the crazy complex, almost cultish, methodologies of the other CRMs...I'm also a to-do list oriented this makes a lot of sense to me. The site seems pretty polished, how long have you been working on the product?
@mostlyalia Thanks Alia! Yep the core concept has always been "to-do list" -like. We built it for ourselves when we had a client services company, so we could get in and out of the sales function quickly, knowing we had done everything in sales needed for that day (and happily get back to building things!). We're around about 4 years. All organic / word-of-mouth growth.
I love the move from contact management to next steps.