A functional backpack for daily life & travel

Stylish & functional OnePack has 19 interior pockets and holds more than a carry-on. Perfect for daily commuting, school, and business.

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Matt Gardner
These backpack kickstarters all end up converging on Aliexpress/Alibaba stuff to me. Not convinced this isn't just marketing slapped on dropshipping. Can't find this exact backpack but similar: The "antitheft" that isn't really antitheft plus USB charging has been the hot stuff to push on aliexpress for awhile now. Get dropship spam all up in my instagram feed for various rebrands of the backpacks for 2-3x the price. Edit: spent 5 minutes searching after I saw a recognizable ali brand name "wiwu" on the kickstarter page (sloppy to use the same name). Definitely not something that should be kickstarted, imo. Finding even more similar bags now: My opinion is if you're a bag manufacturer that will turn around and sell this stuff for $25 ish on aliexpress when launched it's scammy to launch on Kickstarter. See more of the past bags here:
Maria Doriadigital manager
@thatmattgardner, thank you for taking the time to write it down. I did buy OnePack (haven't arrived yet). After reading your post I feel deceived... Anyway, hoping the bagpack won't let me down and I will definetely start using AliExpress for comparison (i did use Amazon...).
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Cool product @gl_liroger I'd love to know what drove you to create this?
Erwin James Will
Software Engineer
I wish the USB port could be a USB C
Really cool product ! My only turn off is the 20USD to ship to Canada.
nice post