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Hey folks! the OneNote team will be doing a Reddit AMA on Wednesday morning, but if you've got some basic questions I can answer them.
OneNote is an excellent free note taking product that is available on multiple platforms. Really world-class features and definitely worth considering even if you are traditionally not someone to look at Microsoft products. Shelve your bias and give it a real honest try.
Why isn't OneNote for the PC mentioned as well on the Evernote Alternative collection list?
Goodbye, Evernote Premium....Hello, OneNote with a Office 365 Personal yearly subscription. Years ago, when shopping for a note taking, organizing, and archiving program, I looked into Evernote but ultimately chose Springpad for it's user friendliness. When Springpad shut down, I looked into both Evernote and OneNote. I found Evernote much easier to use from my prior experience, and I thought it had an edge over OneNote, functionality wise. Now Evernote's new pricing scheme has forced me to consider other options, and boy, am I ever so grateful! I've noticed some awesome changes in OneNote since I last tested it out. I'm an Android user, with an iPad and a MacBook who likes to use Chrome browser. OneNote's cross-platform reach is wide, and the program syncs like a charm. It seems to me Microsoft is paying more attention to Mac versions of their programs, which now that I'm a Mac owner, I can totally get behind. Also, OneNote met one of my top requirements when clipping; it has the ability to clip an entire article, including text, links and images, not just bookmark. Finally, for the same amount of money, I can exchange my Evernote Premium account for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook on my Mac, iPad, and Android plus 1TB of storage (sure, Access and Publisher are not available for Mac, but I'm still ahead when compared against my Evernote Premium account). I'm looking forward to dumping Pages and Numbers, and getting back to Word and Excel. My mind's made up....my Evernote bags are packed and I'm moving to my fabulous new OneNote apartment, and I'm not looking back!
@milkyblur Great point about the pricing comparison - Evernote offers far less for a similar price than MIcrosoft offers with an entire suite of tools. I'm normally a MAC/Google default go-to person for productivity, and I'm giving MIcrosoft another shot based on what I've seen out of their latest round of apps and MAC software updates.