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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2016

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It will be great if you can add a way to detect if the app is already installed in a particular platform and then show an option to open to the app directly instead of always directing to the store.
@anant_garg Deeplinking FTW :) Perhaps some folks over can help
@h_halvi Deep linking will help in sending data but it does not help detect if the app is already installed on the user's phone. App stores should allow a way to whitelist a domain where the app developer can check if their app is installed or not and accordingly direct the user.
I really like the service and using it
I love the idea. I am really interested in seeing the statistics on Onelink.
This is a great service. We run and actually recommend using these types of links in combination with our service. We'll have to add this to our list. Now if you don't have the android version, you should drive people to a page where android users can sign up to be notified. Well done on this. does this with targets. The UI is cleaner too.