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Send mobile app users to the right place with deep linking

OneLink's deep links detect if your app is installed on the user's device. Send new users to the app-store to download the app, and then to the contextual content after installing. Existing users will be sent to the contextual in-app content automatically.
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Hey there hunters, thanks for dropping by to check our powerful OneLink product! Thanks @razkarmi for hunting us! As you already know, the benefit of apps to brands is undeniable. Apps are well known to have significantly higher user loyalty and conversion rates than mobile websites. There are three main reasons: 1) apps tend to offer a more efficient and satisfying experience for users 2) brands can more easily communicate and connect with customers through instant updates and push notifications and 3) apps give users online and offline access. Since loyalty and higher conversion rates are bottom line goals for any brand, deep linking makes it much easier to attain both. Deep linking is the glue that connects the mobile universe together, fixing broken flows as users navigate between the mobile web and apps and between different apps. And it significantly improves the user experience; an absolute must to reduce churn. OneLink, deep linking technology has become one of the most powerful performance hacks used by savvy app marketers. While many recognize the importance of deep linking to the mobile user experience, few truly understand the power of deep linking for your marketing campaigns and how, simply put, they create a whole new way to connect with your users. No wasted clicks, just the perfect conversion path, always. Check it out for yourself and request a demo. And please let us know what you think. We'd really cherish your candid feedback.
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A great tool to improve conversions coupled with a comprehensive analytics dashboard of whats working for your App and why. Keep it up AppsFlyer FTW!
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Wow i am in love. AppsFlyer youve done it again!
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@yoavvilner Whoop Whoop!!!
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very useful and time saving! I love it
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Hey everyone, meet OneLink by AppsFlyer, a great tool to create deep links and send your mobile app users to the right place and create the best mobile experience.
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