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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2019

The simple and beautiful free web video player without branding and quality loss, which loads 2x faster than others and support HQ previews. Works with Google Drive, Dropbox and Vimeo. Absolutely loved by designers.

  • Pros: 

    Works with google drive, no special video hosting required.


    Haven't found any yet.

    For my last e-commerce project I've chosen Tilda sidebuilder to not bother with coding anymore. There is a product video on the site. But tilda doesn't host videofiles, so there was an option of either using youtube/vimeo (wich keeps showing other videos after mine and detracting my customers from buying my product) or purchasing hosting space specifically to host the video. OneLinePlayer allows playing from google drive, wich solves my problem at least at the start of the project. Thanks guys!

    Denis Kiselev has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Simple lightweight tool


    Additional settings can be added

    Didn't try it will twitter

    Ilya Reich has used this product for one day.
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Sascha Greuel
Sascha Greuel@softcreatr · Hi
Looks pretty and works flawless so far, but it's not GDPR compliant, so unusable for people in the EU.
Juho S
Juho S@juhslk · All great roads go through PH
@softcreatr can you describe further the GDPR compliancy (which part does not meet the requirements?)
Sascha Greuel
Sascha Greuel@softcreatr · Hi
@juhslk Already discussed this with the makers :) They listened and performed the advised actions, so my first statement is no longer valid :)
James Young
James Young@jydesign · Dir. of User Experience @SSCTechnologies
The option to quickly embed a video that resides on Dropbox or Google Drive seems very helpful.
Andu Potorac
Andu Potorac@andupotorac · Founder at Widgetic
@jydesign Problem is the link will expire.
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
Klyee Blackbear
Klyee Blackbear@klyee_blackbear
John Kappa
John Kappa@johnkappa · Designer, Perception Design
Super simple to use, I can see this being quite handy. Having some issues where the pause button stays on screen.