The smart way to manage your household bills 🏡🇬🇧

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2018

Onedox is a free mobile and web app that helps you manage all your household bills in one place, provides automatic reminders and helps with switching to better deals.

Dan Gray
Julieanne Kelly
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  • Dan Gray
    Dan GrayMinimum Viable Person

    Great tool for managing household finances


    No support for council tax or water bills yet

    Most people I know basically get through the month just paying off bills to forget them as quickly as possible before they become a problem. Onedox makes that much less painful, and can help you find better deals.

    Dan Gray has used this product for one month.
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David Sheridan
David SheridanMaker@david_sheridan1 · Co-founder & CEO at Onedox
Hello Product Hunt community, I’m David, the co-founder of Onedox. I was inspired to create Onedox by the experience of my Mum. I realised that as a loyal customer to household suppliers like energy, Internet and insurance companies, she was in fact getting charged more money the longer she stayed with them, and was overpaying by around £1,000 per year. 💰💰💰 Having figured out this was a widespread issue, I started Onedox with @hughns in 2015. We describe it as a "digital PA for household bills" and we’ve been building a service to give people one central view of bills across energy, mobile, home media (Internet, TV, landline), streaming services, car tax and MOT, TV licensing, water bills and home and car insurance. 😅 It gives reminders when it’s time to take action, like an MOT being due or contract renewal date approaching, and helps people take action like switching tariff or supplier. 🔎 Most people don’t have the time or inclination to stay on top of all of their bills and contract renewal dates 🙈, and as a result of doing nothing, end up overpaying up to £1000 per year for core household utilities like energy, insurance, mobile and Internet. 😞 That’s what we’re changing. 🚀 😀 Some cool things we do that our customers love: - Automatically collect household bills and display them in one place 📑 - Send alerts whenever new information is available or a renewal date is approaching 🚨 - Prompt you to take action at exactly the right time so you can switch to a better deal or provider 🗣 I hope you try out Onedox and find it useful! Any feedback at all is welcome and I’ll be here to address any questions or suggestions you might have. Best wishes, David P.S. Onedox is UK only for now!
Anna Filou
Anna Filou@anna_0x · Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
@hughns @david_sheridan1 I checked out the screenshots, saw UK specific stuff and thought "I hope this is not UK only" but it is :'( When do you plan to expand?
David Sheridan
David SheridanMaker@david_sheridan1 · Co-founder & CEO at Onedox
@hughns hey @anna_0x We'd love to provide this outside the UK. We're working on it for 2019. Will keep the Product Hunt community updated.
Anna Filou
Anna Filou@anna_0x · Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
@hughns @david_sheridan1 cool, waiting for more news then!
YC Chen
YC Chen@yc_chen · Making the world better. Made @nudeapp.
Hey @david_sheridan1 love the concept, when will this be available in the US?
David Sheridan
David SheridanMaker@david_sheridan1 · Co-founder & CEO at Onedox
@yc_chen hey, thank you! As soon as we've got the UK cracked, we're looking to expand and investigate the US market. Do you think this type of product would be relevant for the US market (@anna_0x too)? We've not researched that recently so any insights or suggestions would be great!
Dave Poly
Dave Poly@davepoly · Building Huge Marvel geek.
Looks more convenient than the Chrome bookmark folder I have now.
David Sheridan
David SheridanMaker@david_sheridan1 · Co-founder & CEO at Onedox
@dave_poly my Onedox alternative is a post pile in my hall way... I still haven't quite got rid of it....
Heather Doyle
Heather Doyle@heather_doyle
I have been using this app for a couple of months now and I really like it. In the background it is looking after all the things I know I need to check but never seam to have the time for. So far it is managing the mot, tax and insurance for 2 cars, gas & electricitybills , 3 mobile phones bills , 1 contract iPad bill, broadband bill, tv licence and Netflix account. During that time is has switch me to a cheaper gas & electricity provider saving me £434, told me 2 of our mobiles are overdue a free in contract upgrade and I have booked one of the cars in for an mot. The great thing for me was I have not had to look out a single bit of paperwork, everything can be done from the app. It one of my core apps now, alongside my bank account and inbox, it just works.
Mark Kellie
Mark KellieMaker@fintechux · Product Designer at Onedox
@heather_doyle Thank you for the kind comments Heather! Very much appreciated
David Sheridan
David SheridanMaker@david_sheridan1 · Co-founder & CEO at Onedox
@heather_doyle You made my weekend! So glad to hear stories like this and that it's proving useful to you.
Arsen Hakobian
Arsen Hakobian@arsen_hakobian · Advertising Coordinator
wooow cool)))