Lightweight steel frame glasses, for a dollar

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Stefan Eipeltauer
@stefanmimikry · Co-Founder & CMO, APPlyzer.com
Great initiative. Sad to see so little upvotes. Maybe the tech kids are not alright. ;)
Preetam Nath
Up voted for the vision.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
OneDollarGlasses is a project of epic consequences. If you wear glasses, you know what it's like to go without. Imagine doing that for a lifetime.
Justin Ramb
@justin_ramb · Askedoo - Live-Streaming Q&A
This is a huge product. Thanks for the "vision" of this.
Fantastic, practical and pragmatic initiative. Undeniable, uncomplicated GOOD. I donated ($20)