Tool for quickly testing your design layout in one click.

#2 Product of the DayApril 29, 2019
OneClickTest is the tool for designers to test how easy and how to quickly find the necessary functionality or UI element on your design layout.
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You can enter a link to the layout (1024 and 1440 pixels wide are supported now) and a small task for the user. As a result, you get two links: to the testing page and the results page. For A/B testing, it is enough to create two tests and send the resulting links for testing to different people. I hope the tool will be useful to you. Will be glad every questions and feedback. Telegram group – Thanks! 🙏
Love the idea!
@yosid Thank you! If you want some improvements, write to me.
Great idea @andrey_torus ! Good luck!
@eulerr Thank you! 🙏
hi @andrey_torus this is cool. how do you get the testers if this is free (at least for now)? -dan
@danmeyer1 hi! I do not get testers. This tool only helps you to get statistics with your testers.
@andrey_torus oh, right, that makes a lot more sense. very good, clean solution. thanks for sharing!
@danmeyer1 Thank you a lot!
@danmeyer1 @andrey_torus I think it would be super helpful if this info was somewhere on the main page—or at least under an about page. I was very confused about how this worked at first too.
@anthonyamici hi! Be sure to add!
This is awesome! will you support mobile-style layouts as well at some point ?
@nibab Thanks! I want to add it soon.