Curated stack of top twitter threads

1/n is a curation of top twitter threads. It allows you to read threads by thinkers, doers and entrepreneurs in one place in a Medium like format.
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@niti_shree came up to me one day and said, we both tend to read Twitter threads a LOT. Won't there be people around the world who enjoy doing the same given how valuable condensed piece of information and knowledge tend to be? And this was the genesis of 1/n. Along with @utkarsh_bhimte we worked out a plan to build a centralized platform for consumption of all Twitter threads(starting with the most popular ones) In its current form you will be able to read and discover(and obviously share) threads at the tap of a button in a user-friendly environment without any distractions. What more, we will send you our selection of top twitter threads every day. Moving forward, if we see the community loving the idea, we will build V2 where any thread on Twitter you will be able to save right from Twitter to your personal profile on 1/n. Let us know your thoughts and ideas. All the best @niti_shree and @utkarsh_bhimte
Hi PH! I’m Niti, one of the makers of OneByN. It all started when @naval wrote ‘How to Get Rich without getting lucky’(don’t tell me you haven’t read it yet, if you haven’t you have a place to read it now) We love reading threads on Twitters on various topics by key influencers like Naval, Erik Torenberg and many-many more. It’s like reading nuggets of knowledge in a fraction of time it takes to read the same information in blog or any other known consumption medium. What we found frustrating there was no way we can find curated twitter threads at one place. We started by putting together a sheet with our favorite twitter threads. By talking to people in our network, we noticed that they also share the same pain - lack of a one stop place to discover curated Twitter threads. Hence, we built OneByN - Curated stack of top twitter threads on different subjects and domains. You can easily find threads on a subject/topic of your interest on OneByN. When you want to read a particular thread, you would be able to read it in a easily readable bullet format without the extra noise of replies etc. If you like a thread, you can share the same with your network. It’s a community project. If you find a thread worth reading you can contribute the same via Contribute button on OneByN. Please let us know your feedback/thoughts and how we can make this better.
Brilliant. Thanks for building this. Had thought about this long back. OneByN is already added to my daily must read list along with finshots & Ken. Looking forward to the app launch. All the best Team. Good Job.
@dipin_kothavoor Thanks Dipin, glad you found it useful :) Do let us know how we can make the experience better for you :)
As someone who ends up spending a lot time reading through threads, this is great for me. Now I know what to spend my Friday night now. Good work :)
@subhrajyoti_sen Thanks Subhrajyoti :)
Love this. This is exactly the kind of side project I'd have loved to build. Great work @nitprashant @niti_shree and @utkarsh_bhimte I 💚 side projects!
@nitprashant @utkarsh_bhimte @abhash_kumar2 Thanks Abhash. Glad you loved it. Would love to collaborate on the next side project :)