The easiest way to search for things at work

The original OneBar has pivoted into a standalone knowledge base, please see:

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Hi ProductHunt, On every project we’ve worked so far, there were dozens of different systems where people store important information. JIRA, Trello, Google docs, Github, email, Evernote, various wikis, you get the idea. It has always been a problem to efficiently navigate through all of them in order to find something. We believe it must be much easier and OneBar is how we see it. We want it to become a truly “The easiest way to search for things at work”. Here’s a link to our blog for those of you, who’d like to know more: And here’s another one, from which we draw some inspiration: P.S. The last one is not ours. Hope you enjoy it! Let us know what do you think and what’s the story in your company.
@maxim_leonovich You bet! All the best.
@dleonard00 Thank you, fixed!
I like the idea! Does it work with Sharepoint?
@sluiceandroid Hey, we are not supporting it yet, but it is already on our TODO list. Let me know if you would like to connect, so we can talk more about your use case.
@maxim_leonovich wow man! congrats on the launch. I mean, based on the video, OneBar looks very impressive! Signing up now and will give it a try. Reminded me of Alfred for a second. I dont use Alfred, hence cannot compare haha
@ksaitor Yeah, several people compared it to Alfred, but Alfred doesn't search. And we can start doing what Alfred does later :)
@maxim_leonovich actually Alfred has search functionality just type ´keyword and it will provide the answer by looking into the file content as well.
@asatwork Yeah, but can it search all the systems it can potentially connect you to? Like JIRA or Google Docs?
Are the ingredients used for this supplement organic or is there some or all, thats are from synthetic chemicals?
@futi Got your joke) Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan of fruit bars, but I think OneBar should be healthy!
It's made from Apple and it applies both to OneBar search engine and OneBar energy bar ;)
@fan_andy I want to play it cool and act as though this was a creative joke but unfortunately I just wrote a comment on the wrong product lol... (I deserve the Grandma infront of the computer meme)
@futi Haha! Surprisingly, it fits here too. There's an energy bar called onebar :)
@futi lol, before remember that OneBar is also a name of energy bar I found your comment a bit weird)
Thank you, Product Hunt people, for the perfect launch day! We've got a lot of sign-ups and they literally killed our infrastructure. We've made a few bad decisions on the architecture side, so several nights of hacking and fixing are ahead of us. We will be back online soon, we promise. Stay tuned!