One Week To Profit

Seven ways and seven days to make more money

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Thanks for the hunt @pjrvs! I created One Week To Profit for two reasons: 1. I strongly believe running a business is hard and almost every business owner is leaving a lot of money on the table with their current products, services, and foundational business tactics. 2. I really enjoy experimenting with unique pricing models and scarcity. One Week To Profit is a 7-day email course that will go through seven unique ways to find additional profit in your existing business. The lessons discussed are: Repackaging, Expenses, Your Hours, Deal Sites, Partnerships, Other Mediums, and Word Of Mouth (WOM). There's a bonus email on day eight that includes one of five surprises worth $50 - $500. The course is priced at $33 the entire month of April, and there are only a handful of courses available for purchase each day. There was only 1 available on April 1. There were only 2 available on April 2. So on and so on until the course closes on April 30 and there are only 30 courses available for purchase. The first few people have just gotten through the course and I received this testimonial yesterday: "My mind is full of new opportunities for making more profit with my existing business. I'm already working on a handful of things thanks to One Week To Profit. Highly recommend this course!" - Paula R. I hope you'll check out One Week To Profit and think about investing $33 to uncover hidden profits in your business!
@pjrvs @iwearyourshirt That's great man. Testimonials like that are truly the best reward. ;)
@avclark you know as well as I do, it feels great to know your hard work is resonating (and helping) other people! Hope your podcasting course is kicking ass my friend.
@iwearyourshirt stayed true to form on this product and had a very unique pricing model. The course was great and the bonus stuff at the end was amazing and well worth it!
I dig the pricing model on this! Lots of great and useful content too.
This is great Jason. Super creative like your other projects. (Welcome to SD by the way). I have one question that you may or may not want to answer. How do you build your sites? I'm especially curious about the way that you handle the subscriptions/ payments because the site auto-updates with your unique pricing models. Keep up the great work!
@irvingtorresyc Happy to answer any questions! I'm an entrepreneur who enjoys being transparent in the hopes that others can benefit from it. Almost all my projects are custom built, mostly due to the weird ideas I tend to come up with. This site and pricing model were built, with the hopes that they'd be reusable and easily applied by other people with a product called Bumpsale that I'm working on. This is the same product that will let people sell things at $1 incremental pricing (as I did with IWearYourShirt, et al). Thanks Irving :)
@iwearyourshirt That's great! I like the name and it's very catchy as well. Appreciate it.
Hey @iwearyourshirt - Will you be adding a Paypal option to Bumpsale anytime soon?
@clogish I do not =/. Used PayPal for years and always hated the experience. Stripe is so much more friendly to use.
Hey @iwearyourshirt I understand - and perhaps it's not your concern, but many Europeans (and probably others) don't need/use credit cards due to excellent online banking systems. I literally have no way to buy your product without calling in favours.
@clogish no I hear ya... Shoot me an email and we can figure it out :)