One Tap

Simplest way to check-in people to your location

Ditch paper sheets wherever you're using them. Save your time by checking in people using technology, not a pen. Be able to do your job efficiently by accessing your customers data right after they check-in to your location, making time for what matters.
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What do you guys think?
@kiermoz Just found your website. That does look good... excellent design in my opinion.
@gjsieben Thanks Gabriel :D
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Could you explain in detail the concept of your app
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush, thanks for checking it out. Yes, we help locations understand their foot traffic at a personal level, and allow businesses to follow up with who checked into their location, so a lead (AKA whoever check's in) doesn't slip thru the cracks!
How does this compare to Envoy, @kiermoz?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, (thanks for PH!), Envoy revolves itself around visitor management whereas One Tap does the same but for small business owners to understand their retention, their power customers, in addition to following up with them via text/email right from our dashboard for marketing purposes. Do you have any thoughts or feedback? Would love to know.