One Rep Max

A calculator for estimating your 1RM in weightlifting sports

One Rep Max is a simple tool for estimating lifting maxes. You can use the browser version, or you can add the app to your home screen on your phone (and even use it offline). Customize the results by changing the formula, rounding, increment, and unit.
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Thanks for checking out One Rep Max! I built this calculator because I wanted a modern, clean-looking 1RM calculator that I could use on my desktop or my mobile device. Let me know what you think!
Thanks for making it! I love simple, one-purpose easy to use products like this :)
@sobedominik Same here, thanks for the comment!
Doesn't the 1RM calculation vary for different exercises?
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But it shouldn't really matter if you are individually looking at the 1 rep max for each exercise, and not trying to put one rep max for one exercise and generate a 1rm for another exercise given those numbers.