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#2 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2019
The One Page Love v3 redesign is here! Highlights include a new fixed header with suggestive search. Archives now feature long-scrolling website screenshots (via new CDN) with infinite scroll functionality. Not to mention a new color scheme, logo & typeface!
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Hey PH! Can you believe One Page Love turns 11 next week! Over the past few months I’ve been testing new features and I’m stoked to finally announce the v3 redesign is here. Let’s dive into the changes...
  1. New Logo, Color Scheme & Typeface - It’s time to say goodbye to a decade of pink and roll out the carpet to a stronger red color scheme, a tighter logo and the stunning Sofia Pro typeface.
  2. Fixed header with Suggestive Search - The (reduced-height) website header bar now stays visible as you scroll, allowing you to browse categories or search at any time. When searching you are now prompted with existing One Page Love categories, tags and content.
  3. Longer Website Screenshots in Archives - All long-scrolling One Pagers now appear at double the old length in the category archives and search results (example).
  4. Infinite Scroll Archives with new Image CDN - The website footer and numbered pagination is completely done. Long live infinite scrolling archives with new Image CDN (IMGIX) to help browse website inspiration and find feature references way faster.
More v3 updates:
  • New Podcast category and interview series - Episode #001 is with @ajlkn
  • Website reviews can now preserve designs forever with a huge 2560px wide, Retina-optimized screenshot (example)
  • New design of trend and top award round-ups (example)
  • ALL free website template downloads are now hosted by One Page Love (example). This prevents One Page Love readers from visiting 3rd-party websites prompting signups and silly things.
What can I say, a pretty emotional update for me, I’m super proud how far One Page Love has come. I can’t thank you enough for the support over the years! Let me know if you want to know anything about the build...
@robhope Wooo! Congrats Rob! This is a great improvement. Also, to be doing this for 11 years is a huge accomplishment in itself!
@colinwinhall Ha, it's like my little child I've watched grow up hey Colin! But yes, there is absolutely no ways it would have got to this stage if I wasn't passionate about searching, collecting and building simple, clean One Page websites that get straight to the point:) Thanks for the message, really appreciate it!
@robhope Hey! are you thinking time_spent as the kpi for the site or number of subsequent sessions by teh same visitors as the main kpi? and what are you using to know those numbers? google analytics?
@ddevjani Hi Deepak! It's Google Analytics (embedded as high as possible lol) It's interesting how KPI has changed for me over time. Definitely not page views (with new infinite scroll) but average time on site is important to me and of course bounce rate. 72% of traffic is organic search and as beautiful as that sounds, I'd love a higher percentage of core followers filling in. Just trying to add value each day and hope for the best!
@ajlkn @robhope Love your work Rob, looks beautiful!

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Very well curated, lots of inspiring material.


Not that I can think of.

Cheers! I'm trying to get stricter with curating. But more lenient on categories with less references if that makes sense. The goal is always try save the user time but providing the best references as possible (often relating to client brief).

You should submit your site here to get more eyeballs :)


Best site for finding design inspiration, that actually gets updated every week or sometimes every day!


None. None. None. Did I say none?

Thank you Ahmad, I think my record is 7 in a day;) But yes, averaging around 9 a week now, I think 2 a day is a golden number:)
Rob, 🦸‍♂️ It's no secret I'm a big fan of your work but I really I love this new design, especially the attention to detail on the longer screenshots. What was your thought process around changing the logo type? Was it necessary to bring the brand up to a more mature level or was it purely aesthetic? The new search functionality is promising, nice work all round!
@marcperel cheers for the love man. Yeah good question about branding. TBH that old pink was killing me as I work on OPL all day lol. It was time for change but what I didn't mention was this rebranding (intentionally) paves the way for the Email Love dual-branding using the same red. Always long game, one launch at a time;)
But I hate change!!! Just kidding, very nice work here Mr. Hope - 11 years is a long time! I'm particularly excited about that new podcast category.
@johnonolan - yeah, OPL almost a teen! Cheers, got some respectable guests coming up ;P