One-page checkout for Shopify

The first customizable, one-page checkout app for Shopify

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This is awesome! The increase in conversing rate is promising. I was expecting a PH discount given that it's a brand new product. Also $49 per month is a bit steep for someone who just opened shop and doesn't even know how much they will be making. Have you considered offering a startup package? For example, free up to $1000 monthly revenue. You will gain this customer on the long run.
@krmneimneh Hi Karim, thanks for the feedback on pricing. We are considering a startup tier and may introduce one in the near future.
@jordangal, Its looks great, Is it available for all Shopify plans? Where I can the details, how to procure the app I can't find it Shopify app store
@krmneimneh @jordangal Pricing is $300/month, it's too for a startup.
This is great! Have you seen dramatic conversion rate increases vs. the normal Shopify checkout?
@lukethomas14 same question here. I know Shopify chose the current checkout flow largely based on its conversion rate.
@markpecota @lukethomas14 The app is brand new, so we don't have hard numbers yet. We started the company off with just a cart abandonment product, which lifts revenue on average by 9%. So with that alone we're confident in a lift in conversions. Add in the one-page vs multi-page, trust symbols vs no trust symbols, putting the checkout on the merchants domain instead of "" and other features and we feel really strongly that this will increase conversions dramatically. We're looking forward to sharing a lot of the data we see from users, and building in the things that work best into the product.
Nice! This is HUGE!
@mark_michuda Thanks Mark :)
How does this compare with the Shopify Responsive Checkout solution that they provide?
@bentossell Hey Ben. This is a complete replacement of the Shopify checkout process. Currently, Shopify merchants have almost zero ability to customize or alter their checkout in any way. This does a few key things that aren't available in the default Shopify Responsive Checkout: 1. It takes the current multi-page checkout process and puts it all on a one-page checkout to get a higher conversion rate 2. It puts the checkout page on the merchant's domain - currently all Shopify stores send their visitors to a "" to check out (except Shopify Plus merchants) 3. It makes the page customizable to allow merchants to set up their checkout the way they want - the default Shopify checkout is very limited in customization 4. It has a cart abandonment email solution built in, with the ability to capture the email as soon as it's typed on the page - currently Shopify merchants need a third-party app to do this, and the email isn't captured until the visitor goes from page 1 to page 2 of the checkout There are other differences, but these are the big ones. The bottom line is we're very confident that Shopify merchants will get a significantly higher conversion rate using our Checkout as opposed to the default.
I freaken love CartHook!