One One Meeting

1:1 meetings management tool for effective leaders

I created One One Meeting to help leaders plan, document and commit to actionable 1:1 meetings. It is focused on team leaders that already practice one on one meetings (or want to start now).

Its UX focus on providing easy access to all relevant info. The IC's profile, meeting notes, agreed commitments and long-term goals, all in one page.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
As a fan of 1-to-1 meeting instead of meetings to large audience, because of it's value: chapeau bas!
Hello, I am the solo founder and maker of One One Meeting and I'm doing my launch today! Wish me luck! :) This is a side-project turned business that was created to solve a problem we have in my current day-job employer. Actually, my first customer is my own employer (yes, I have a great boss! uhuuu). Let me know if you have any doubts , suggestions or feedback!
nice! I like having the record and everything in one page! awesome tool
this may be an effective tool for me once my team grows!
Seems very expensive for a for a single purpose tool, when compare to the functionality of other SaaS products on the market :/