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Hey guys, I am the Marketing Director at ONE:NIGHT and we are really excited to share our new app with the PH community. Under the Standard International umbrella (of The Standard hotels), we created ONE:NIGHT, an app for same day, spontaneous reservations to all our favorite hotels in NY and LA. Bookings start at 3pm and offer the lowest available prices for that evening. One of the best features within the app is the hour-by-hour suggestions on what to do, see, eat, and drink in the hotel and its neighborhood (just swipe up when looking at a hotel). You can access this section even if you haven’t booked a room so feel free to treat it as your local insider city guide. Here are the list of the hotels: *NYC* 1 Hotel Central Park 11 Howard Baccarat Gramercy Park Hotel Nomad Refinery Sixty Soho The Carlyle The Ludlow The Standard, High Line The Wythe Urban Cowboy Viceroy Central Park *LA* Calamigos Guest Ranch & Beach Club Casa Laguna Oceana Beach Club Hotel Palihotel Melrose Palihouse Santa Monica Palihouse West Hollywood Petit Ermitage Sixty Beverly Hills Sparrow's Lodge The Line The Redbury Hollywood The Standard, Hollywood Viceroy L'Ermitage We are looking forward to hearing what you think. And please, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what cities we will introduce next (@onenightapp). We have our sights set on SF, Austin, Chicago, and many more. Don’t hesitate to share which cities you’d like to see on ONE:NIGHT next!
Very nice UI - LOVE the 24 hour limit - so many products fail to create organic, actionable urgency. Nice one. @onenightonly @missnolte @jss1009
@missnolte -- how big of a discount do you offer for last minute bookings?
@rrhoover @missnolte When I used the original One Night Standard app - I was seeing rooms for around $120 vs. around $300 on the StandardNYC website.
@rrhoover it varies based on the hotel and time of year, but it's guaranteed to be the absolute lowest price you'll be able to find.
Interesting way to increase last minute occupancy rates. A few questions for you @missnolte. 1. Who is your target market? I love the spontaneity, but by only booking one night it is really limiting. Who do you see using the app and how often? 2. What are the barriers to offering more than one night? While I am skeptical of this specific use case, I think directionally it's super interesting. I added it to my travel collection Travel Collection.
Hi @corleyh, thanks so much for adding us to your Travel Collection! We actually tested this model out with our first app, One Night Standard, which was only available at The Standard hotels. The results were incredible and proved that people are really comfortable booking last minute. Surprisingly, the majority of travelers are local. As for barriers to offering more than one night, there aren't any, but we want to keep the value proposition really straight forward: best rates last minute rates at only the best hotels. This way when you are in pinch and need a room right away, or just want to have a staycation, you'll know where to book.
Interesting product, but adds to an increasingly crowded market. Only same day, one night, 2 cities, 26 hotels in total seems makes the target group very small. I agree with @corleyh, why not at least more than 1 night? On a different note, I wonder if it's feasible s up with a reverse model for this; as a guest I specify a date, a city and a max price, and hotels can then offer me rooms that fit those requirements.
Hey @danielkegel, I see what you're saying, but many travelers are more on-demand than ever before. See my response to @corleyh above.