One Month Rails

The easiest way ever developed to Learn to Code

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Zack Shapiro
Building something new. brb.
If you want to learn Rails, I wrote a post that might be helpful too -
Blake Robbins
VC at Ludlow Ventures
Anyone have any experience with One Month Rails? I'd love to hear how well it actually worked. I've been thinking about doing it for a while now.
Adrian Grant
In Stealth
@blakeir I completed OMR about a month ago and am currently working on building my first Rails app. I think OMR is a good starter, but definitely won't make you a "rockstar" by any stretch of the imagination (to be fair I'm pretty sure that's not their goal) . What I've been doing is bundling it with Teamtreehouse, Stackoverflow, and just tinkering on a few projects. The latter probably being the most useful way to pick up any skill. Also checkout and good luck on your journey!
Nadia Eghbal
@nbashaw I actually prefer online learning to in-person classes for programming. In person, the whole class can only move as quickly as the slowest student, which is frustrating. Whereas online everyone can move at their own pace.
Dan FriedmanData Engineering & Science
The team behind this app is incredible! I'm excited how One Month Rails and One Month for other programming languages works out.
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