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Hey Product Hunters! We're excited to bring you the newest One Month online course, a step-by-step guide to building an Instagram-like iPhone app using Apple's Swift. The course is being taught by our amazing friend @alfiehanssen, senior mobile engineer at Vimeo, and we've also teamed up with AirPair to offer live mentorship for all our students. Because of how hands on the course is, we're only opening up 30 spots exclusively to Product Hunt users, so sign up now and let me know if you have any questions :)
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One Month HTML and One Month Rails were well-received a while back on Product Hunt. Great timing to launch an iOS course, @mattangriffel. This one's a bit different, offering hands-on mentorship in partnership with AirPair (cc @ilebovic, hence the higher price tag). Why did you go this direction this time?
@rrhoover we consistently heard from people that the best part of One Month Rails and One Month HTML besides building an actual product was the hands on mentorship and feedback they were able to get, so we're trying this out as a different kind of online class (everyone starts together, gets great support, there's a community experience). It's definitely something new for us!
@mattangriffel congrats on the launch Matt. Will definitely check this out. nnLove the synchronized learning experience. We tested that model at feast and the community engagement levels were significantly higher with everyone going through it at the same time. I imagine you'll see the same. What platform are you using for community?
@DavidSpinks we're using Discourse ( and most of it is publicly accessible at Discourse is pretty cool though it's somewhat inflexible and can be a headache to maintain.
@rrhoover We wanted to combine the best parts of AirPair and One Month. Like @mattangriffel said, it's something new for both parties and we can't wait to see how our students and clients react to it.
One Month Rails was good, worth the cost but 6 hours of iOS is not really $899 good. BitFountain offered up +40 hours of content and 14 apps of tutorials for $99. The AirPair offer is a good mix into it but as a potential buyer I'm out. Way too expensive.
@jamilvelji That's totally fair Jamil. There's tons of great free and cheap resources out there for learning iOS. We're trying to offer something different, and hopefully more valuable, than just tons of content that you have to wade through on your own. (Otherwise, just check out O'Reilly's series on iOS.) I remember someone once telling me, "If 30% of people aren't saying 'No' because your product is too expensive, then you're probably not charging enough." And that has stuck with me. We wanted to provide one of the highest quality online learning experiences so we thought hard about how much we'd have to charge for that and how we could justify it. Anyway, I'm happy to hear more about what specifically would make you change your mind. What else would you like to see included, or does the price itself make enrollment out of the question? Shoot me an email at if you want to talk.
@mattangriffel Will you end up offering it as a course only in the way One Month Rails was? I would definitely be all over it at that point. Mainly because I have my own contacts to bug and ask questions when I'm stuck but getting through one solid Swift app is a solid way to get going. Either way One Month Rails was awesome and thanks for that eh!
Solid PH exclusive.
I'm intrigued, but it seems pricey when compared to other places like Code Academy and Team Treehouse. What's the advantage?
@itsthisjustin we're better :) There are different products out there for different things. Codecademy is free but it's totally hands-off (plus they don't teach iOS development). So if you run into any problems or have any questions, there's no one to turn to. Codeschool is pretty similar. You pay for higher quality production – there are videos of the teacher and exercises in the browser, but they only teach you the concepts, they don't actually show you how to build an actual iOS app that you can run, submit to the app store, etc. Ultimately it's kind of like the difference between reading a book, which you can get for $20, and taking a class at a university, which costs tens thousands of dollars. We're trying to create the quality of the college learning experience but online and cheaper. And we're also focusing on showing beginners how to build their first iPhone apps, the WHOLE process from start to finish, which is not something anyone else is doing right now.
@mattangriffel Thanks for the reply!