One Metric

See all your metrics in one place

#2 Product of the DayJune 14, 2019
A healthy obsession with metrics will drive growth in your business. One Metric makes it super easy to stay on top of the metrics that matter the most.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
The founder of One Metric is a serial entrepreneur and investor that has previously invested in one of my startups. His exposure to successful startups has lead to an awesome understanding of how tracking key metrics can be the difference between growth and failure. One Metric is clean view on the metrics that matter the most and will help you drive growth.
looks nice, but what are the advantages for using One Metric over Google Data Studio for example?
Hey @pavel_chepura 👋 the biggest difference is you can enter values directly into One Metric rather than having to connect a data source - so it’s like a spreadsheet with safety rails. The goal is to be the fastest way to create a dashboard and share it with everybody who can help you.
@rowansimpson this looks great, how do you glue it to other products and internal code?
Hey @djinoz we’ve built an integration to Xero, hoping to add others shortly starting with Google analytics. Also check out for thinking on API do you can push values to One Metric (invite only at this stage)
UI looks awesome, thanks for building this!
Looks great. Will give it a whirl.