One Item Store

Micro online store builder. Just sell your stuff.

One Item Store let's you create an online store in minutes.
It's as simple as uploading an image.

One Item Stores are perfect for users selling a single item in bulk, or want to test out some ideas before opting for pricier store options such as Shopify.
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Hi Product Hunt, One Item Store let's users create an online store in minutes. You can just get online, sell your stuff, and get paid. Its aimed at users selling a single item on mass, and want a more professional online presence compared to something like eBay, but don't want the bulk and cost of a full-scale CMS like SquareSpace or Shopify. This makes it great for just whipping up a page to test out products and ideas. I built One Item Store as part of my Tiny Projects year long challenge:
@ben_stokes_baconwalrus_ Great job. Is it possible to allow line breaks on the Item Description. For example, if you need to do a list, it doesn't allow you to start a new line for each list item. Example, you want to sell a monthly gift box and want to itemise the 4 items that come in that months gift box.
@exopaul Thank you! Great spot. I've just released an update and now you should be able to press enter within the item description to add new lines.
@ben_stokes_baconwalrus_ Excellent. I have to admit I do like the idea of your product, the simplicity of it. I think it has potential. A lot of smaller home-based businesses need ecommerce options to sell things like homebaking or art and crafts but options are very limited to things like Shopify which can be quite expensive and feature-rich with options that are designed for massive ecommerce stores. There needs to be someone like you that fills a smaller, amateur business market by providing a small, simple, easy to operate store that lists products simply, takes payments and gives shipping details. If they expand to the likes where they need huge features they can upgrade to Shopify, but 90% probably never go further than a part time home-based business. If you need any suggestions feel free to drop me a message or find me at
This is neat. I can see celebs utilizing a concept like this. Reminds me of T. Scott's shop ( QQ: are you able to use custom domains?
@emanuelle_gianni_sedita hey! Thank you very much :) There is an option to create a One Item Store custom domain, e.g. - however for actual custom domains, there's no inbuilt solution currently. Definitely something I'm looking to add though.
This is so dope! 👏
@alexanderspoor Thank you! 🙏 I wrote about how I built it here if you're interested!
@ben_stokes_baconwalrus_ waaay ahead of you, haha ;) looking forward to seeing the rest of your projects this year :) happy belated 25 btw 🥳
@alexanderspoor Haha thanks! cheers Alexander, great to have you following along! :)