one half

The ultimate slicing game

one half is a stylish slicing puzzle game with addictive gameplay bringing you a huge collection of objects waiting to be split up with one or two fingers: beautiful plants, fresh fruits, big stones and many more!
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14 Reviews5.0/5
Anya PozniakPR Partner @ Bulba Ventures
Looking awesome! Can't wait for the iOS version.
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Vitali G
Product Designer at Bitsens
Hello producthunters! Can't wait to share with you our first hyper-casual game we have developed at Bitsens. The core idea is simple - cut objects into two equal parts and earn diamonds to explore more items to split. Just look what a loveliness we've picked. Currently, app available on Google Play and we are planning to launch iOS version in a couple of months. We would highly appreciate your feedback and thoughts related to our new game! Cheers!
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Timofey KLead Mobile developer
Awesome idea for app! I like UI, it looks really good!
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looks and feels great, now we really need a Multiplayer mode!
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Can't wait for an iOS version, looks like fun (and actually kinda relaxing!)
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