one half

The ultimate slicing game

one half is a stylish slicing puzzle game with addictive gameplay bringing you a huge collection of objects waiting to be split up with one or two fingers: beautiful plants, fresh fruits, big stones and many more!
Dima Radin
Andrii Melnychuk
Andrei P
 +11 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Nice pictures


    Well, I’ve spent there a lot of my time. Real time killer.

    Liked the app a lot! Beautiful objects and smooth cutting.

    Надя Василенок has used this product for one week.
Looking awesome! Can't wait for the iOS version.
Hello producthunters! Can't wait to share with you our first hyper-casual game we have developed at Bitsens. The core idea is simple - cut objects into two equal parts and earn diamonds to explore more items to split. Just look what a loveliness we've picked. Currently, app available on Google Play and we are planning to launch iOS version in a couple of months. We would highly appreciate your feedback and thoughts related to our new game! Cheers!
Awesome idea for app! I like UI, it looks really good!
looks and feels great, now we really need a Multiplayer mode!
Can't wait for an iOS version, looks like fun (and actually kinda relaxing!)