One Dollar Graphics Market

Buy and sell any digital graphic for just $1

Starting with 200+ illustrations, Icons and backgrounds, it's an online marketplace for buying and selling digital grahics.

With flat pricing, simplified license terms and fast growing inventory it's a low-stress no-fuss answer for every graphic designer.

You can also make special requests and sell with us.

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This will become really useful if they can add more options to their inventory. But definitely looks promising. Best of luck guys!


Awesome quality of graphics, great price and simple license terms


Limited options

Thanks for hunting @rogerganali, I love the simplicity of this business @sjarahul -- what motivated you to go down the $1 route?
Hey @abadesi, thanks for checking it out. Check the maker's comment below for details. Also, is there a way for the maker's comment to be featured on top? Above the reviews and other comments? Just so people can get a better idea of about the product!

Really? $1 for twitter icon? A collection of few douzens random graphics.


Can't find a one


Come on, it's complete crap ..

Hey All, Rahul from One Dollar Graphics here. The idea of a $1 marketplace is just about one thing - Simplicity. In the last 2 years, I have literally done everything under the sun working with several startups. Every time I designed a website, uI element, poster, T-shirts etc there were always questions like - can we reuse this illustration? Can we sell these t-shirts without violating the license terms? When you are hustling to bring something to life you just don't have time for these questions. There just had to be a simple answer. A place where I can pay and get what I want. And then use it anywhere I want. But there wasn't. I came up with this idea on Sunday evening. Compiled a list of all the best icons, illustrations, and backgrounds that I have created over the years that I can sell. Quickly created this website on WordPress. This is me validating the idea with a really quick MVP. And whether this goes anywhere or not, depends on whether or not other designers and startup owners are facing the same problems and need this solution. Let me know if you like the idea and if you have any features you would want to add in such a marketplace.
@sjarahul payment options are available in which states or country?
@v2s2c The Payment option is PayPal right now so anyone can pay, either through PayPal or using their credit card (with PayPal credit card payments)
@sjarahul b/c when i tried it showed me its not available for your state.
@v2s2c I see. Indian buyers can't pay Indian sellers with PayPal. I have enabled COD. Place an order. And you'll get the files with a Paytm number for payment.
I recommand it to even developers to have connection with the beginners.