One Click Tuner

A simple, innovative tuning solution for musicians

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One Click Tuner offers a novel method of visualizing the distribution of frequencies around a target note, providing musicians with a higher degree of detail compared to other tuners.
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Joel Sutton
Shubham Sangam
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    Stylishly minimalist and functional design. No ads. Professionally crafted.


    Please support an Android version.

    Forget all the 'free' tuner apps clogged with ads and bad graphics. This tuner app is the last one you'll ever install. It costs a less than most cups of coffee, and the clean, intuitive, no-nonsense, ad-free experience makes it immediately apparent that it was money well-spent. It's a guitar tuner app that was thoughtfully made by someone who was sick of crappy guitar tuner apps.

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Josh Day
Josh DayMaker@josh_day · ultimate frisbee addict/statistics phd
This is an instrument tuner I developed for myself (I've played guitar since I was a freshman in high school) because 1) I wanted to learn some Swift, and 2) I thought I could do better than the iOS tuner apps out there. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!