One Click Feedback

One click feedback for your newsletter

One Click Feedback is a simple survey tool for newsletters.
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Hi PH πŸ‘‹ I started my own newsletter some months ago. It is a weekly newsletter with insights from promising early-stage startups on how they got there and where are they going next. As I was iterating on the newsletter, changing structure, content, design, etc... I felt a lack of feedback from the readers. I encouraged emailing me back, filling a minimal survey, etc. Nevertheless, rates of feedback were extremely low. I did notice that most people who opened my survey, did not submit it. I reasoned that any feedback is better than no feedback and a lot of readers are glad to share it IF it just takes a moment. So I started making One Click Feedback. And now it is ready to be shared. So far I have used it once and the amount of feedback I got was surprising, it surpassed my normal CTR!