One Click Battle

Simple awesome beautiful real-time polling system

Really nice site and concept, but it appears to be broken for me? Also, is there an option to embed this mechanic on a site?
@goos3d_ie Hey Martin, what's broken for you? About the embed, at the bottom of each poll you will see a little share icon (paper airplane), it will give you the embed code. Also, when you create your own poll, the code is in your account. Thanks for the feedback!
@dontanios @goos3d_ie WHEN I click yes lets battle or show me all polls, nothing happens. =/
@greaterthan1000 @goos3d_ie That's strange! thanks for letting me know! Try going directly to the first poll for now:
Love using this on my blog. Really useful as it lets people vote without an account, and doesn't have any junky branding etc. Looks super simple and I love it! EDIT: Funny that the second image is from my blog!
@giacomolaw Thanks for using OneClickBattle since the beginning :D!
Working ok here. The questions are a little stale ("Who will win the election?!") I see the polls are user submitted though, so probably just needs some sort of filtering for recent, popular, etc.
@just2jays the polls are use generated, you can also embed them in your own site, so some polls might not make sense on the site. We ask the user to check the option that the poll should not be in the list. Thanks for the feedback!
I like the idea, and being able to add a follow up or a call to action after the poll is a bonus. I can now view the polls but I am unable to vote. Here was the poll I created.
@greaterthan1000 Hey your poll and follow up look great, thanks for using it! I get an error when I click on the link:
@dontanios On iOS 10, iPhone 7, I'm just getting background images on the content. 😥
@kkdub oh no! :( are you using Safari? Can you email me screenshots please? thank you!!