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Hi! I'm Greg, CEO of Mindie and now One Cash. The idea of One came directly from mindie when we were looking for new ways to reward creators on the platform. We wanted to create a simple and fun product to help fans to support the creators they love. The vision is to create the tipping graph of the internet, and we are starting with this "Make it rain" product, based on Twitter. $1 could be the new like, so let us know what you think about the product!
Best, The One Cash Team
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@gregoirehenrion Any plans to make smaller denominations? I would love to award like 10¢ for each Twitter like.
@joshdance @gregoirehenrion We'll listen to users. If we need to make smaller amount we'll do but the challenge is to keep it simple!
@gregoirehenrion Very interesting! I wonder how this could align with charities/donations and http://buck.io? Let's talk!
@jsngr @gregoirehenrion I was just thinking the same! Might be an easy way to give back to charities people love!
@gregoirehenrion Hi Greg, will you allow users to change their username?
The team that built Mindie, one of my favorite creative apps, just launched One Cash. It's similar to ChangeTip or Square Cash but more fun. For example, after tipping someone, they can reply with a "thank you" selfie. Send all your money here:
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@rrhoover @gregoirehenrion The "Get The App" on this page is leading nowhere. https://one.cash/rrhoover #No1dollarforRyan
@everywheresean @rrhoover Fixing this right now!
@rrhoover Is this Product Hunt's monetization strategy? 😂
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@rrhoover More fun? :) Love the idea, it's great.
Greg and the Mindie team have always been kickass when it comes to great design (maybe because they are french). What I love about One Cash is the simplicity and flow, makes it really easy to support people you like. With that being said....make it rain for a poor artist! 💸💸💸
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love this. you should build an extension to this that plugs into twitter (much like pocket / buffer have), that way you can tip people from your twitter stream. It would also help you grow. For example, if I didn't have the app, but got a tweet saying someone has sent me a $1, I would totes be on your site and signing up!
Well done guys. I've been using the product in beta since few days. Really sleek, fun, and addictive. Already cost me a lot of $ :)