Ride-hailing tech for pioneers

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I can hear the elevator pitch now: "It's Uber for people who want to start Uber." We have now achieved maximum disruption.
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@mikeorren Hilarious and oh so true
@mikeorren disrupception
Hi there! Тhanks for posting us and for all your votes! I'm on the marketing team for TaxiStartup and really excited to share our platform with this community. We help taxi and limo companies compete with Uber. There are 2 things that we are doing: first, we provide an efficient platform for taxi companies, that includes iPhone & Android driver and passenger apps, cloud-based admin panel, etc. And second, we automate their business.
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The product consists of: - Passenger and Driver apps , - Cloud-based Admin panel, - Cloud-based Dispatch panel, - Booking desk for ordering your cars from hotels and restaurants. - Credit Card / Cash / Card Terminal payments, - Driver Billing, - Passenger Bonus Coupon System, - Intelligent automatic queues for orders distribution, - Turn-by-Turn Navigation, - 37 Vehicle Classes, - Multiple Tariffs for each car class, - 1-Click Taxi Button
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@nataliakorol Is this platform supported in other countries? How do you handle payment in those countries?
@mohitify Works worldwide. TaxiStartup platform supports Stripe, PayU, Amex, as well as offers it's own merchant account for those countries that don't have the above mentioned payments gateways.
@nataliakorol how is it different from Fllywheel?
@souravray The difference in white label apps and custom development
A Ridesharing Platform to create a Ridesharing Platform to compete with other Ridesharing Platforms.
Thanks for creating this:)!