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Create privacy friendly one-time mailing lists

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once fyi allows you to create privacy friendly one-time mailing lists. After the email is sent to everyone on to the list it goes away forever.

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Markus Bodner
Markus BodnerMaker@tuacker · Working on Ads From Source
👋 Hello Product Hunters! I can't count the amount of times I wrote about something I'm making online and people expressed their interest. But they didn't feel like sharing their email or join a full blown newsletter. 💪 Solution once fyi allows you to create a one-time mailing list. What's great is it comes with a guarantee of no spam. Plus the subscriber email address is never shared with the list owner. Those two things together make it way more likely for people to join. It is super easy: 📝 Create a list 🔗 Share the link—be it on twitter, comments or anywhere 📬 When ready fire off the list ⚰️ After that the list goes away forever! A few more reasons why to use once fyi: 👉 Super simple from start to finish 👉 Not everyone want's to maintain a newsletter 👉 Not everything warrants a newsletter 👉 Lots of people don't like sharing their email due to fear of spam 👉 Privacy friendly! (Less worries about GDPR if you don't even know the mail addresses in the first place) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what lists you're going to make. 💡 Tip: Use once fyi and your newsletter side by side to capture as many people as possible!
William@wimgz · Compulsive maker
Hey this is really original! Privacy first mailing list. I like that you don't even know the emails in the list so Once acts as a trustable third party
This is a really clever idea! Almost like a Snapchat for email lists. I could see this being really useful for events or one-time launches. 👏