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Hi Product Hunters - our team is here to answer any questions about the OnBrand Grader, from how it works technically to how you can improve your score. Big thanks goes to @darnocks for sharing! Even with all the tools at our disposal, many of us till struggle to create visually appealing and conversion-driven websites for our brands. That’s why we built the OnBrand Grader. We want to help marketers and branding professionals understand the basic aspects of website branding. The Grader, which uses branding principles to analyze your website’s content and generate a score, finally makes it possible to measure the branding effectiveness of a website. Thanks to helpful tips and how-to articles, marketers can address specific weak points and actively improve their website branding. What the OnBrand Grader scores: - Consistency: This section measures the consistency of your website’s visual elements, including colors, header sizes and font usage. - Message: This section analyses how well your brand message is communicated by looking at your logo, complementary colors and meta information. - Visibility: This sections looks at how effectively your brand is communicated on your website and social media channels. - Accessibility: This section measures how accessible and secure your brand is online. Happy grading, and share your score with us! The OnBrand Team @NicolasDeskos @iistefka @woutertoering @OnBrandMag
Cool product. Really nice UI. We got a 70. It seems it didn't detect some things like logo colors and the privacy statement which probably harmed our score. Anyway, looks really good :-)
@marcelpanse Thanks for your nice comment about the Grader! Glad you like it. For the logo colors, there might've been an issue reading the logo format, sorry about that!
Shit. 46. I think our website needs some work.
@rahulr047 Thanks for sharing! If you have any questions on how to improve, let us know and we'll be happy to help!
Great job guys! I'm gonna use it for sure! :)
@savvaszortikis Thanks for the kind words Savvas!
hi there! It looks so cool. Just one quick question. I only got an 80 for my site, is the score good or not? Do you have a benchmark ? Thanks!
@ariel_yun Hi Ariel, 80 is a great score! We'd say that anything above 70 is a good score.
@nicolasdeskos @ariel_yun Damn, only got a score of 70 - guess I need to have a serious chat with our designer ;)