Simplified hiring for on-demand workforces

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For the past several months, @kibaekr and I have been spending every day and night working with most of the top on-demand startups building something that we genuinely believe will make hiring for hourly positions an easier and faster process. Today, we are extremely excited and proud to finally reveal our work to the public. OnboardIQ takes in an existing applicant screening process, works with existing service providers, and automates + organizes all your HR for ops in one, clean dashboard. Hiring for the growing on-demand workforce is fundamentally different than hiring for corporate positions, each with its own set of unique challenges. Companies like Greenhouse and Lever do a fantastic job for corporate positions, but are too slow to move at the pace of on-demand workforces. We're trying to build the perfect tool for ops/HR teams to efficiently and intelligently scale their workforces to multiple markets. Let me know if you have questions / want to try it out!
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@kibaekr @jjeremycai From the user side, I've seen great feedback from drivers and other workers about OnboardIQ. Congratulations on the launch!
@kibaekr @philipithomas Thanks so much Philip! Great to hear :)
There's a big opportunity in providing services for the on-demand workforce. Checkr, a service that simplifies background checks and in the same YC batch as us, is another example.
@rrhoover Absolutely, the Checkr team has been fantastic to work with! We see a lot of opportunity in helping facilitate decentralized-labor transactions from an infrastructural level.
This team is impressive. Think this will be bigger than just an ATS. Keep it up guys!
We worked with OnboardIQ and @kibaekr early on, and I have a huge amount of respect for their hustle. These guys are building something the market wants, and are relentless in their pursuit.
Seeing Jeremy on calls with clients makes me want to use his product even though I don't have a use for it... Yet. ;-)