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Haha! I love the special bonus for the Product Hunt folks! Thanks @MackFlavelle! Is the product already ready to test?
@SoleneMa Yes! Recently released into the wild, currently working well at fairly significant scale.
I'm not 100% sure what I signed myself up for, but I've been doing a lot of work with deep links lately and this caught my attention. It sounds like this probably implements an SDK? And then a lot of work still would have to fall on the developer in order to tailor the app experience per deep link? So the primary value add is the metrics for clicks and then in app activity? edit - there's more info here: https://tapstream.com/onboarding... so really the primary value add is that its a deep link for a first run. usually not possible because the user downloads the app from the store and opens it, and there's no way to pass parameters through the app store. but how does tapstream reconcile a tap from say a Twitter app install ad with a first run from a user? I guess there's some sort of web redirect where tapstream cookies mobile safari and reads for that on first run?
@sammybauch Yeah the web redirect is what my buddy does for his apps. But he tracks the IP and matches it up later (Works well with cellular, and private wi-fi). You can't read mobile safari cookies from an app because of sandboxing.
@sammybauch Hey Sammy. Yeah- the idea is that since sooooo many people never open an app twice it was a natural weak link for us to optimize in regards to retention/engagement. According to Fiksu 78% of apps are opened once. That's BRUTAL. If I click through an article posted to FB and then download the news app it was posted from- the absolute first thing I see should be that same article. Same with search results etc. The point is that we often know a little bit about our new users, what they were searching for, what shared content got them intrigued or even what specific ad copy they clicked on. We should make ours apps work better for our users based on that limited info.
@sammybauch And yeah- this is all built on top of our attribution engine. So we give you an SDK to use inside the app, and then give you a bitly style link shortener (taps.io) to use in all your marketing. We get all the custom parameters to the app when the user opens it for the first time and then you treat every new user like the belle of the ball with a silk glove that fits only them!
@MackFlavelle pretty brilliant! I could also see it used as a referral mechanism, similar to what PH does - user opens app for first time from a referral share, greet the user with a "Mack thinks you'll love this app! Here are the people he's friended already"
@sammybauch yesssssssssssssss.
Hey- I'm weirdly into PH (have probably put more PH stickers on alley dumpsters than any other person on earth) so definitely ask me anything.
Which dumpster, and what were you wearing when you applied said sticker?
@dshan it is amazing to think of how many dumpsters you've seen me play with.
Love the PH bonus - we'll be seeing more of this. Also, this likely deserves a green M tag, @rrhoover