User Onboarding as a Service

Create powerful user experiences by inserting some HTM. They also provide analytics.
Hello! Co-founder of Onboarded here to answer all your questions, and to discuss the product. We built Onboarded to provide user onboarding as a service to developers and startups. Our goal is to make it much easier and faster to build, measure, and change user onboarding flows in your app. Let us know what you think!
Very nice execution.
Just a little thing but the very first thing I saw was your logo and a stick figure walking *down* some stairs. The figure needs a few more features to make the direction of travel really clear.
@markzeman My co-founder @bigcatmm is going to tell me "I told you so!" when he sees this... Thanks for your feedback!
Added to my Product Tours/Interactive Walkthroughs collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...