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Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
More from the website: "Make, Review, Fund Science and Art. Join and collaborate to create great works, write reviews, build reputation, and obtain funding" From the founders: "We are academics at Harvard and MIT looking to redefine the university." Interested in hearing more from founder @timrpeterson
Tim PetersonMakerHiring@timrpeterson
hi all! Onarbor wants to blockchain the world's files. Happy to answer any questions about Onarbor here!
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@timrpeterson why / how did it start? what's the ultimate vision for it? what's the future of higher education? just some small questions to get us started :P
Tim PetersonMakerHiring@timrpeterson
@eriktorenberg hi, Onarbor started out of frustration with two of academia's most precious components: publishing and funding. By many accounts, both are hopelessly busted. We feel that combining crowdsourcing/crowdfunding with the technology afforded by the Blockchain has the power to revolutonize the university. With Onarbor, we aim to create an API that will facilitate universal, transparent, and sustainable knowledge and creativity. Due to the Blockchain, we imagine a future of higher education that is distributed and not centralized by incumbents such as the ones we currently work at, Harvard and MIT.
Tim PetersonMakerHiring@timrpeterson
Onarbor is collaborating with guys behind Monegraph and the ProofOfExistence (see Related Links) to bring you all the world's important files in the Blockchain. This is huge for publishing across all types of content creation from Youtube to academic texts.