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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 22, 2019

We spent 500 hours to make a fantastic and super useful Slack Guide. Hopefully, this is the only guide on how to use Slack and FAQ you will need to supercharge your work.

  • Artem  Borodin
    Artem BorodinCPO at standuply.com

    Everything you need to know about Slack at the one webpage



    Seems like a cool addition to the Slack Help Center.

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  • Dmitry Yanin
    Dmitry YaninEntrepreneur

    I'd recommend reading this to at least 3 people: mom, boss, and my friend, who's trying to set up the work flow in his studio.


    I have not found for now.

    nice job, all is quite systematic and understandable

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Hola, Product Hunt 🎉 Alex is here from Standuply.com. You may also know us by dozens of Slack related launches we made in the past two years. Today we’re launching something very special and hopefully uber useful for the Product Hunt community. We spent 500 hours to make a fantastic and easy reading Slack Guide. As a result, it’s 15,000 words ebook 😎 And let me be clear about something: this is NOT a long description of all the features. Instead, we share all of our experience and best practices: 🚀 If you're just getting started, you'll find everything to quickly learn how to use Slack in Chapters 1 - 3. 💡 Since there is no official Slack FAQ, we answered 40 most burning questions in Chapter 4. 💎 For advanced Slack users, we uncover best practices on how to use Slack to maximum efficiency in Chapters 5 and 6. You will also find dozens of relevant links to articles, books, podcasts about using Slack. Enjoy your Tuesday reading ☕ Alex, CEO of Standuply
Such a good read, thanks man!
Ok Ok, you won the slack market. I don't think about any other slack plugin to try 😉
Awesome content and genius marketing idea 😃