On Second Thought

Take back text messages

On Second Thought is a tool that lets you take back text messages you've already sent. It's like time travel, but for your most embarrassing moments. 😳

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Oh the times I wish I'd had this before!!! (usually when out at a bar...) It should have an auto-retract if you send a message after 2am! When will it be out for iOS @macipeterson ?
@bentossell Working on iOS now!
If a person have already seen the text, can you still undo?
Did they create Snapchat for that?
@chiancheng On Second Thought lets you undo messages BEFORE they get to the other person ;-)
Very cool, heard of the app yesterday while I was listening to the Tested podcast, Kayte Sabicer mentioned it! Reading you're working on an iOS version, is the OS open enought to let you manage text messages?
Seriously, every app that has DM capability needs this feature. Or maybe *I* just need this feature... πŸ˜‰