On Books: Leave The World Better Than How You Found It

A 20ish minute book podcast - New episodes each week.

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Crystal Ponti@babeofbusiness · Founder of Forewordz.com
As a book person, I'd love to hear more about your podcast. Is this weekly? Do you interview authors? Thanks!
@babeofbusiness Hey Crystal! Each week on On Books I discuss a book that has inspired me and had some lasting impact on my life. Sometimes I read book highlights, tell personal stories, or interview friends and/or authors. Really whatever it needs to bring that book to life in podcast form. Most recently I interviewed Neil Strauss on his latest book The Truth... Hit me up with your thoughts at anytime, I'm chris [at] on-books.com
Crystal Ponti@babeofbusiness · Founder of Forewordz.com
@castig What an awesome concept! There could be some synergies between what you're doing and what we're building (at Forewordz). I'll send you an email. At any rate, I'm tapped into some great communities of authors and publishers. There could be some potential fuel for your upcoming podcasts. :)
Hey PH! I hope you enjoy this episode. Hit me up if you have any questions, I'm on twitter @castig, and all discussion around the topic can be had over on my site: http://castig.org/leave-the-worl... This episode is also available on YouTube @
Best, Chris