On Air

Combine different shots from multiple people into one movie

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Hi everyone! Founder of On Air. Awesome that we’re on product hunt. Our product is not totally there yet, but we would really appreciate your feedback.
I've worked with @bengoevaerts and @wvanrespaille and they are badass devs. Looking forward to see how this product evolves.
Tested the app. They are onto something. It's cool to watch a combination of different clips made by different people. However, sometimes unrelevant movies if you swipe a bit.
This looks like Cluster for (one) video? Interesting, but not really clear who the "final editor" is. Or if you totally edit it together with others.
@bramk You edit it together with others. It's also smart, if everyone taps a clip away after a few sec, the clip get's deleted. So edited by the crowd (I know the founders personally :))
There's a similar product that was at SXSW this year. http://www.peepsqueeze.com/