Improves dyslexics reading skills in an enjoyable way

Dyslexics use Omoguru to make the text more readable and decode words with ease. What’s the secret?
Visually comfortable font family designed to improve letter detection and recognition of word shapes can be adjusted to specific needs of each dyslexic.
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We've been working on the solution that helps dyslexics for over a year now. We have amazing feedback and just recently made the product available for the English speaking market. So far we have amazing feedback from students but adults as well. The key to everything is that dyslexia has a wide range of manifestations. Meaning if there were 100 people in the same place they would probably have different needs in terms of how text should look like for them to decode words. Key issue with solutions until now as they didn’t cover that range - what worked for some didn’t for others. With Omoguru Dyslexia Friendly Reader so far we've seen kids read with ease and smile instead frustration. We hope this will be the case for most. We welcome all feedback as we rely on it to improve. Thanks.