Omnistar Tell

Tools that convert web traffic into leads and sales

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Robert M Kilonzo
Biz Dev, OSI Affiliate Software
Hey There, My name is Robert Kilonzo and I'm one of the co-founders of Omnistar Interactive. Omnistar Tell is one of our latest apps. Omnistar Tell provides you easy-to-use popups and thank you pages. You can use them to convert your traffic into leads and sales. It will also make your business go viral. Here are the main benefits: - Generate leads from every page of your website. - Recruit more brand advocates from thank you pages. - Get more website visitors to promote you. - Reduce bounce rate and increase sales conversions. - Increase sales using contests. - Reward your brand advocates easily. All Product Hunters can get Omnistar Tell for 20% Off Forever :) Click on the Get It button to get 20% Off