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That's awesome, I like the way it's been done. I launched ages ago, and I neglected to look after it too much but I can tell that this has a future. Reminds me a bit of jquery and msdn's documentation (which is good).
Clean documentation with discussion for ruby code, hopefully other languages will come soon. Examples or[]
@symana one thing we constantly do in our codebases is to annotate little WTF's or future changes as TODOs or Notes. Is omniref meant to solve this "problem" as well?
@andreasklinger @symana Don't think it's for private repos. I think it's more about navigating open source projects and discussing at the code level.
@symana @omniref has a feature in private beta to do personal GitHub repo's, you can sign up here:
@andreasklinger @symana Yes, among other things. When you can annotate a line of code from a specific version of a project, things like WTFs and TODOs become easier to track. We cross-reference notes, so you'll see them on all versions if the code doesn't change, and you won't, if it does.
Oh maaaan, this is brilliant! It's always a pain to write the code in stackoverflow! No it's much easier!
I like the doc / code split view a lot, but I'm not convinced about the question piece. Why would you come here to ask a question (where it's tied to a specific piece of code) instead of SO? And if you did try to use it the same way as SO, it seems like the pages would get really cluttered with less-helpful questions.
@bscofield I like the code/doc split as well. Was hoping one of the of founders/creators would hop on here.
@symana @bscofield For example, I've been creating a series of notes on code in the ruby core language talking about how the internals actually work.
@symana @bscofield Sorry...this popped up in the middle of the night our time! Asking questions about code is much more natural to what programmers do -- you spend your life looking at code, and when you have a problem, you usually know the code where the problem is happening. So you can think of Omniref like code review for *everything*.