OmniOutliner 5

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I have deinstalled it in minutes. It uses dark pattern to get your money. The value proposition is totally unclear. And words like "lovely" are absolutely not suitable to describe this software product UX. Sorry for the rant but it makes me angry when the marketing is light years away from reality. You have stolen my time.
@llabball It is unclear to me exactly what your comment is directed at. For one thing, the current pricing for OmniOutliner Essentials -- $10.00 -- is by no means a ripoff for what it does for you. I suppose one could argue that OmniOutliner 5 is not a necessary update for customers of previous versions (that is, if they do not particularly care for the new dark themes). But then they could always save themselves five bucks and *not* get it.
Lovely new direction of Omnigroup's great outliner app. It has two versions: the basic Essentials version and the Pro version for the power user who needs all bells & whistles. Got lots of new stuff in version 5.
A free version of something from Omnigroup? Oh yeah, I'll take one!
@vladzima No. It's not free. It's really expensive instead.
@llabball You are right... How naive on my part.
it's an awesome product that i have used in the past - though i now use tools like asana for outlining, for free, with an ios app and collaboration and note taking elements - would love to see collaboration features in the essentials pack from omni