Omnigraffle 2

Diagramming. Wireframing. Drawing. And a ton more.

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Awesome, anyone have experience with Omnigraffle in regards to designing/wireframing webapps?
@dereckbreuning I used to use Omnigraffle extensively for website mocks, but eventually moved away from it to Balsamiq for rough wireframes and Keynote for clickable, higher res prototypes. I found that when I used Omnigraffle for rough wireframes, I'd spend too much time on how it looked, vs the info architecture. And when it's time to get more interactive and pretty, Keynote is plain faster.
I am wondering if they have upgrade pricing. I have 6.0.4 but not through the app store.
Omnigraffle for iOS is now universal.
So, I've had 6.1 for a while. Is this a new version? If, so where is it on the app store, and why the regression in version numbers. I'd expect to see a version 7. What's the difference with this particular update? Update: it seems this is referring to their mobile app; their mobile app is on v2.1.