Omnifocus 2 for Mac

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John Borthwick
@borthwick · betaworks
I have been using the beta for a month or so and its excellent. It took Omni a long, long, long time to get this out -- but what they are shipping is excellent software. Its a complete re-think of a full featured GTD app, and its good.
Rich Henderson
@42burnside · One Man Band, 42Burnside
I'd be lost without this app, and this is a great update.
Parveen Kaler
@kaler · Mobile Application Consultant, Smartfu…
I've been using Things for years and years now. Is there any benefit in moving to Omnifocus?
Eric Metelka
@eric3000 · Product Manager, PowerReviews
@Borthwick I've been using the beta too and I love how responsive Omnigroup has been to user requests. Think your comment is spot on. @kaler When I was deciding on a task management system about a year ago, I looked at both Omnifocus and Things. What made me choose Omnifocus was the community around it. There are many thorough guides and outspoken advocates… See more
John Borthwick
@borthwick · betaworks
Agree. It is way more powerful than Things, that's its strength + also its weakness. You can waste a lot of time tuning. Omni community is great -- just wish the company had been more transparent about the development process. The first beta I trialed for Omnifocus 2 was last July, they pulled that version after Mavericks shipped and basically start… See more