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3 Reviews5.0/5
This product has completely transformed my work day. I love how it has all the important aspects of the GTD framework built into such an easy interface. Way better than my Moleskine!
I have been using the beta for a month or so and its excellent. It took Omni a long, long, long time to get this out -- but what they are shipping is excellent software. Its a complete re-think of a full featured GTD app, and its good.
I'd be lost without this app, and this is a great update.
I've been using Things for years and years now. Is there any benefit in moving to Omnifocus?
@Borthwick I've been using the beta too and I love how responsive Omnigroup has been to user requests. Think your comment is spot on. @kaler When I was deciding on a task management system about a year ago, I looked at both Omnifocus and Things. What made me choose Omnifocus was the community around it. There are many thorough guides and outspoken advocates of Omnifocus but few I found for Things. In fact, for the Omnifocus 2 launch, Omnigroup created a site featuring some of these prominent community members and how they use Ominfocus: http://inside.omnifocus.com/ Also, Omnifocus is more powerful than Things and would allow me to more strictly adhere to GTD. Finally, Things hasn't been updated since before iOS7 was released. I'm sure Cultured Code is working on a massive update...but that's a long time without shipping.