OmniBrowse by SaleMove

Real-time Web Observation & CoBrowsing

OmniBrowse by SaleMove is a customer engagement application that enables companies to marry real-time customer communication (like phone calls or chat) with an accompanying web browsing session through live observation and CoBrowsing - directly within their existing CRM or contact center solutions.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Awesome Justin & Jeffrey! OmniBrowse looks great!
We've just released a pretty cool site that allows anyone to try out our CoBrowsing technology in real-time by themselves using their mobile device. If you've never seen CoBrowsing in action before, give it a try.

Found it extremely useful to help customers move through a funnel after they land on our site. Much higher conversion than chatting alone.


Very cool way to engage with customers on site


Hard to think of any!