Charge your iPhone freely and wirelessly

The Omnia is the most powerful car vent mount that wireless charges your iPhone so you can grab your phone off the pad at your freedom. With its strong magnetic force and soft rubber, the Omnia will securely hold your smartphone and keep it charged throughout your ride. No cords, no hassle!

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Hello all! My name is Frank and I’m thrilled to introduce BEZALEL. We're the maker of the Latitude case which enables iPhones 6 & 7 wireless charing. At BEZALEL, we are passionate about creating an ecosystem of the highest quality wireless charging experience. We just launched our new product: Omnia -a wireless car charger and magnetic mount, and works seamlessly with the Latitude! ⚡️🔋 I’m excited to share that we now have wireless charging solutions for all lifestyles: in the office, at home, outdoor travel, and in the car, truck or van! You can learn more on our website. Thanks!!!
Especially useful for Uber/Lyft drivers that spend all day on the road 😊
@rrhoover Totally agree! Many of our customers are Uber/ Lyft and truck drivers. They love this.
Haha, I love the commercial because of the smug laugh the guy does every time he puts his phone back on the mount. Any chance for making mounts for Samsung S8+/Other Android phones?
@arvinallen We will make magnetic cases for Android users soon. With the case, they will also be able to charge on Omnia. Stay tuned!
@frankwu1101 Awesome! Looking forward to it!
@arvinallen Thanks for the support!
Works with 8 and X?
@zappe Yes! You just need a magnetic case to work with Omnia's strong magnetic force. With the case, the Omnia will securely hold your smartphone and keep it charged throughout your ride!
Will it be compatible with iPhone 6s and do you happen to ship it to India and the pricing ?
@ayush_chandra Yes! You just need to buy our Latitude case for iPhone 6s to charge on Omnia. We do have special bundle price for case + car charger. More details on our website: