Omni Remover 3

Nicely Crafted App Cleaner and Uninstaller for macOS

Omni Remover comes to offer a wealth of Mac cleaning tools that are beautifully designed to clean up more than 20 kinds of macOS system and application junk.
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Hey PHers here, How are you and wish you're having a great time to August :) I’m Kelly Woods from a nimble startup team named MiniCreo. It's my great pleasure to present our newly released Mac uninstaller app called Omni Remover 3 – a handy and creative app made to free digital space, purge 32-bit, orphaned and leftover apps so as to keep a Mac running light and fast. Here’s its homepage: We believe you’ll get quite a lot of fresh ideas at the first look on this app because most features and designs in Omni Remover 3 are innovative and original. Feel interested? Grad a free NFR license code on this page and have a try (Free license available today only): We are eager to hearing from you :) Best Regards, Kelly Woods Team MiniCreo
Does it ask for every app it thinks should be deleted, or how does it work?
Hi @warren_g_robin , Omni Remover won't delete anything on its own. You can choose an app to remove from an application list, or by dragging and dropping it this program. Omni Remover also lists outdated 32-bit apps, orphaned app leftovers and other rogue apps, so that you can get aware of them and make further decision.