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#1 Product of the WeekJune 05, 2019
There are numbers in everything you do. Omni Calculator has 777 easy to use, fast and amazingly fun calculators, so you always get the number you need.
  • Marcin Manias
    Marcin ManiasInterests in tech, finance, politics

    -easy to use -varied categories -each calculator has an easy to follow explanation


    -could implement a way to star or upvote a calculator

    you would think a "calculator website" would be limited in scope to the "math' stuff. You could not be more wrong. They have a big range - from finances, to health, construction and everyday. Basically if something can be calculated they do it.

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  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail KhanTech enthusiast

    1.All the useful calculation apps at one place . 2. The categories couldn't be more orgnised .


    Going through many categories even for the simple calculations makes it a little odd to use.

    If you want people to use only a single app for all their calculations even for simple calculations , make it easier to reach on the home page or something. (just a suggestion) Loved the idea btw!!

    Sohail Khan has used this product for one day.
Hey there! First of all, thanks @chrismessina and @farhan_khan23, you guys are great! I'm Matt, the founder of the Omni Calculator Project. The whole project is meant to scratch a huge mental itch I've always had - people rely on intuition way too much. They don't calculate because they lack basic arithmetic skills, don't have the time or simply hate doing maths. We're here to remove these obstacles and make calculations easy, fast, and kinda fun. We built all sorts of calculators - simple ones for the simplest tasks (even as simple as properties of the circle or square root) or more complicated, such as Thermodynamic Process ( ) or Online Marketing ROI Calculator ( ). We're also super lucky in being able to use our own product to build awareness around important problems that face the planet, we built The Plastic Footprint Calculator ( , just covered by The New York Times and National Geographic!), Smog Calculator ( ), Car vs Bike Calc ( ) and Social Media Time Alternatives ( url ). Something for the PH community: we started a startup collection recently - (thanks @writerpollock for the idea!). Top features: - All calculators are freely embeddable on 3rd party websites. - Most of them are multidirectional (you can start anywhere you like, any variable can be either an input or an output of a calculation). We're a team of 21 people from Poland, Spain, India, Hungary, Philippines, and England. Most calculators are built by Ph.D. students who want to make their expertise useful for others. All calculators are free and will stay free forever, that's the only way to reach everyone on the planet :-) Please visit the site and enjoy our hard work!
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one of my favorite web apps ever. fun fact - I advised Mateusz to develop Omni as mobile apps sometime ago. I am idiot.
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Finally a time value of money calculator that isn't ugly as sin + easy to use. Nice work!
@dshan That's exactly how we want our users to feel. Thanks for your kind words. :)
Congratulations Omni Calculator for a great product!
Congrats Mateusz and the team - looking for evidences is crucial nowadays, and you help people to decide based on facts, numbers.
@beatamosor Thank you, we love you guys :-)