Omni 2.0

Transfer items instantly to friends & all-new Omni for Web.

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Ryan Delk
Ryan DelkMakerHiring@delk · Growth @ Omni
Hey PH — excited to be featured here again! Today's a big day for us, and we'll be around all day to answer Q's, hear feedback, and chat here in the comments with the community. (We're also giving 100 Standard Items free for the ProductHunt community, you can claim that here: Today we're launching Omni 2.0 for Web and iOS. Omni hasn't been available on web previously, so we're pumped to deliver a seamless experience to non-iOS users. We've also rewritten our iOS app from the ground up, so you'll notice a ton of speed improvements, new interactions, and a few new features. Most importantly, we're launching Transfer today — which allows you to instantly transfer items to friends. We're excited about this because it represents a true, instant transfer of ownership of a physical item. We expect most of the initial uses will be friends sharing items with friends (and then transferring them back to the owner), but we're excited to see what the community does with this. There's a lot more under the hood, for those interested:
Nick O'Neill
Nick O'Neill@allnick · Maker & Marketer
@delk @omni When are you launching in NYC?!?!?!? I'm missing it :_(
Josh Doody
Josh Doody@joshdoody · Author, Developer, Maker
This is awesome! So interesting to see the intersection of physical and digital in this way. Where do you see the Transfer functionality going — it makes sense that this could be friend-to-friend to start, but seems like there’s potential for a lot more than that?
Ryan Delk
Ryan DelkMakerHiring@delk · Growth @ Omni
For sure. It'll be fun to see where the Omni community takes this feature. The ability to instantly transfer ownership between two people, with no physical interaction, is quite powerful. Omni as a ledger for ownership opens up a lot of possibilities -- not just for friend-to-friend interactions, but for all the other things you can hack on top of it. We've already seen some creative uses while this was in Beta, and I think we'll see a lot more now that it's public.
Julian Weisser
Julian Weisser@julianweisser · On Deck
Huge fan of Omni - was one of the first 100 users and it's exciting to see how much has changed since then. An example of a creative use for Omni is shipping products you purchased online to Omni first so they can unwrap, dispose of packaging and deliver whenever most convenient to you. The addition of sharing/transfer via Omni opens up entirely new creative use cases. I could see myself sharing outdoor gear with my friends (and maybe strangers!). I loved using Omni in SF and hope to see it on the east coast soon.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Congrats team! What are the most common items you see people transferring?
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
Finally I can secretly send to friends all my 1990s TMNT toys in my omni.